Kraftwerk is a former power station in Berlin. 'Kraftwerk' literally meaning 'power plant', is the name of this giant cold concrete block and is the only trace of the building's original purpose. The giant hall appears to be without function: it is empty, amputated, broken and closed off to the outside world. The building's condition raises questions about the past, the present, what was and what could be. 3845 m/s (2013) calls forth questions that challenge and examine the building's original purpose - the artistic work deepens this impression playing between the sound and the visitors' personal interpretations. 
The composition, like Kraftwerk itself, is fragmented - simultaneously the piece relies on recurring motifs and sound references. The 3845m/s allows visible sound illusions to collide with one another: The concrete colossus is experienced as multilayered soundscapes which move through the space at 3845 meters per second.

Sound Teaser