(credits: left:  Tatiana Takáčová  / right: Sujin Seo)

We are conducting research into the reciprocal dynamics among sound, light, and architectural space, with a focus on how time-based media can be harnessed to create and transform the atmosphere of a space. A significant part of our prior technical research has centered around the Starlink satellite system, led by Elon Musk and Gwynne Shotwell. This investigation encompasses various aspects, including space ownership, data security, military and warfare implications, and the management of space debris. Our artistic exploration of satellites has laid the groundwork for a series of projects that extend into the domains of drones, artificial intelligence, and automated systems. Additionally, we have delved into natural phenomena, with a particular emphasis on replicating the dynamic movements exhibited by wind, airflow, and avian flight. These projects and research endeavors represent a fusion of artistic expression and scientific innovation, with the goal of uncovering new possibilities in merging nature and technology, and creating a tapestry that blurs the boundaries between art, science, and the natural world.

The intense environments in their installations are demanding of all the senses. Especially the beauty of nature/ natural phenomena get distorted or destroyed by sensual interventions of sound, setting of light and sculptural installations and confront the audience with an altered reality.