Breath is known to be a basic sign of life. For a long time a stopped breath was therefore considered to be a sure sign for death. But nevertheless humans are able to control breathing in contrast to their heartbeat. Divers train to hold their breath while singers work on their breathing technique. In hectic situations it helps to breath deeply. Even more: We talk about a breathing space if we’d like to set everything back to the beginning if we need time to think or even in situations when something important, unexpected or terrifying happens. Then even „the world holds its breath“.
The project »Odem« deals with this idea and transfers it to the architecture of the Multihalle Mannheim. The organic forms of the giant roof-construction are connected to the light and sound installation inside. Floating and merging sounds, human breath as well as synthetic sounds take up the lightness of the architectural construction. Some end up suddenly others stay inside the space and stretch the visitors’ impression of time. The Multihalle, its volume of space but also the unique construction function as a body for the sounds.