Imagine that sound never fully disappears and is present in our universe forever. What would it sound like to hear all the sounds of the past and present? How would it change our perception of time and eternity? "RL2000" presents an immersive idea inspired by the recent announcement by researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre that they had documented sound waves from the Big Bang soon after the birth of our universe. 
The audience is invited to imagine the implications of hearing sounds from the past and to place themselves in a situation where perceptions of time, space and place might be disrupted. Randomly the light switches off for 3 seconds - the duration of time which is the „presence“ in our human perception. Everything before is the past. In these 3 seconds it is dark and silent, only a sculpture (glowing in the dark) stands in the middle of the room.

Sound Teaser

The work is part of the Emare AUS CDN Move On Exchange (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange with Australia and Canada).
This program is supported by the Culture 2013 program of the European Comission and the Goethe Institute.