In RL___0 we take a careful look at – or rather a careful listen to – the origins of the universe. Based on the phenomenon that sound becomes quieter but never disappears entirely, in the installation we speculate how the past might have sounded. Inspired by the controversial research of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centers, by means of which an echo of the big bang is said to have been recorded, we explore the fascination for the origins of the universe and the fact that there still is no complete explanation for the creation of the cosmos. 
In fact it is not yet possible to hear the sound of the big bang. Therefore at irregular intervals a silver curtain is lifted from the sculpture that reminds of the childish fascination for rockets and space for a few seconds,
providing a mere hint of what lies concealed be- hind. In fact the scientist‘s wish to know everything about our universe fails as the children‘s dream to be able to fly into the sky fails. Try as we might we are not able to get to the bottom of every secret, a fact that elicits both exhilaration and unbearable tension.