RADIANCE project is an international and interdisciplinary collaboration between the Dune dance company / Bulgaria / and the Studio Korinsky / Germany /. The performance explores the interactions and the meanings between light, body and sound. What is light? In addition to electromagnetic waves, light is also the invisible, intangible presence of the human person. 
This is an image of the Soul. Light is the finest but material substance that lies at the root of everything because it is one of all materials possessing the ability to expand infinitely into space. Light has metaphysical significance.
Choreography and performance: Petya Stoykova and Radoslav Yordanov /Bulgaria/
Sound environment: Korinsky /Germany/

The performance is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic Bulgaria.Festival presentations: The Age of Aquarius /Bulgaria/ 2019, Contact+ /Moldova/ 2019

Radiance trailer