In summer 2012 Korinsky developed a sound installation in the lush green garden of Architekturmuseum Berlin calling 'Urban Sound Gardening'. In the garden are wild proliferating plants, crumbling concrete structures and objects. The whole garden is set deeper, but nevertheless you can the noise of traffic from the nearby Ernst-Reuter-Platz. Many passersby don't even recognize that special atmosphere of the place. 
To counterbalance the atmosphere Korinsky fixed an audio spotlight (very directional speaker) under the bridge. Beneath that speaker is a hanging wooden plate which reflects the sound to the concrete walls around there. Sound of water is reflecting to/from the walls and the sound can be moved by rotating the wooden plate. On the facade are additional speaker playing the sound of summer, chirping and buzzing. The whole garden is turned into an acoustic utopia. The combination of movement and sound creates an atmospheric harmony between the building and the garden.

Sound Teaser