Volum III is a sitespecific audiovisual showcase in an exceptional historic monument of architecture that is partial hidden underground in central Berlin.
The water tank in Prenzlauer Berg and its specific architecture is not easy to specify. Therefore the tunnelsystem triggers a great curiosity.
The emptiness of the tanks, their sober walls of bricks and the unexpected geometry of the four circual tunnels create a unique acoustic situation.

Sound and light ask the visitor to find an individual way through the building which actually does not offer any direction. It takes a while until the shape and contours of the space become visible to the visitor.
Lonely bustling in the depth, weak light signals, an echo sounder is the only specific sound in the room. The audience loses its orientation in space and time.
Volum is an artistic project that has been started with a sound installation in the central Predigtkirche of the Berliner Dom in 2014 and continued in the Kestnergesellschaft in 2015.

Volum III is a collaboration with HTWG Konstanz, Department of Architecture and Design, Prof. Katrin Günther and BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg

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