Just off the river Spree at an historical auditorium for the Department of Surgery for Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology time seems to stand still. Overgrown vines and graffiti mark the building's cracked facade. 'Z9' is an  installation that makes use of the visual and audio of this unique place. Diffuse sounds remain hidden to the pedestrian hurrying by, contrasting to the hectic noises of the nearby Friedrichstraße. 
The windows of the place turning into green light after dark, adding to the slow evolution and transformation of the sound. One's eye is attracted to the mysterious green emanating from the lush green foliage. Through optical interference of the strictly horizontal and vertical structure the windows and facade seem to blur. 'Z9' works as a irritating body in between the touristic neighbourhood and generates a stable tranquility in contrast to the noisepollution around it.

Sound Teaser