„Orbital Swansong“ is about an impressive and increasing number of privately owned satellites orbiting earth and provides us with a contemplation moment of how it inevitably impacts one of four greatest global commons: Outer space. Since 1967, a decade after the first satellite, Sputink, was launched, the outer space treaty has been providing the basic framework for international space law.

However, countries have been increasingly allowing commercial endeavors under their own regulations and this goes beyond political and economic complexities, having spiritual and possibly cosmic consequences by altering our vision of the sky and affecting our ancestral heritage and contemporary relations.

There is also a little certainty of how this can disturb other forces that rule our ecosystem and the rest of the universe. The work, a simulation altered for the purpose, allows you to see and contemplate these numerous satellites flying above your head.

A collaboration with Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu

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